How to Master Integrated Math 2, Unit 1 in 7 Simple Lessons!

Succeed in Math! | taught by Timothy Unkert

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In this course we explore the concepts in Integrated Math 2, Unit 1. The topics covered are: expressions with rational exponents, expressions with radicals, rational and irrational numbers, complex numbers, and polynomial operations. This course is a great course for students just starting Math 2 who want an extra bonus or for parents who want to help their child but don't know the math themselves. It is also a great course for anyone wanting to improve their math skills at any age.

Estimated time of completion: 15 hours (based on 20 minutes per worksheet and quiz, 1 hour for the unit test 4 hours 58 min video). Individual times will vary.

Level: 10th grade high school and up.

Timothy Unkert
Timothy Unkert
Mathematics Teacher and Coach

Having spent 10 years working in the public education system, the last 6 as a high and middle school math teacher I've decided to start my own education company,, to help students, parents, and teachers!

I've also raced as a category 1 cyclist (the highest category) and medaled twice in the national championships! I offer courses in mathematics and cycling!

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