How to Compute Mean and Standard Deviation in One Simple Lesson!

A Free Course on Mean and Standard Deviation! | taught by Timothy Unkert

Course description

If you enjoy this free course on mean and standard deviation please be sure to check out my course, "How to Master Integrated Math 3, Unit 1 in 7 Simple Lessons!" coming Sept. 19th! We will explore the Empirical Rule, Z-score, t-tests, z-tests, along with how to statistically evaluate many different scenarios!

Timothy Unkert
Timothy Unkert
Mathematics Teacher and Coach

Having spent 10 years working in the public education system, the last 6 as a high and middle school math teacher I've decided to start my own education company,, to help students, parents, and teachers!

I've also raced as a category 1 cyclist (the highest category) and medaled twice in the national championships! I offer courses in mathematics and cycling!